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      Product survey:

      In a certain temperature program, the load is close to zero, the sample size changes with the temperature or time function. It can measure solid, molten metal, powder, coating and other samples.

      Study the following characteristics of materials:

      Linear expansion and shrinkage, vitrification temperature, densification and sintering process, optimization of heat treatment process, softening point detection, phase transformation process, additives and raw materials, reaction kinetics.

      Product application:

      Widely used in inorganic ceramics, metal materials, plastic polymers, building materials, coating materials, refractories, composite materials and other fields.


features as follows:

Product model: ZRP-B
Temperature range: room temperature ~1450 ℃
Measurement of thermal expansion: 4-6 * 25MM square / round can be
Expansion range: 1000μm
The heating rate is 0.1~100 /min
The cooling rate is 0.1~40 DEG /min
The temperature resolution is 0.1 ℃
Expansion resolution 0.1-1um
System measurement error + 0.1-0.5%
Vacuum: 2.66 * 10-2Pa
Furnace power: 2kW
Output mode: brand computer, laser printer
Atmosphere control: optional vacuum system

Areas of application:

For samples of linear variables and linear expansion coefficient, expansion coefficient and softening temperature, glass transition temperature and density change
The vertical structure of the instrument is especially suitable for measuring the situation more than the shrinkage of ceramic samples
The instrument is integrated and automatic upgrade, strong anti-interference ability, good repeatability
Is the windows system under the Chinese interface, friendly interface, suitable for win7, win8, win10 operating system

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