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      Product overview:

     Thermogravimetric analyzer (TGA) is a kind of instrument which uses thermogravimetry to detect the relationship between temperature and mass change. Thermogravimetry is the measurement of the mass of a substance with respect to temperature (or time) under programmed temperature control.

     Study the following characteristics of materials:

     The properties measured by thermogravimetry include corrosion, high temperature decomposition, adsorption / desorption, loss of solvent, oxidation / reduction, hydration / dehydration, decomposition, black smoke, etc..

     Product application:

     At present, it is widely used in plastics, rubber, coatings, pharmaceuticals, catalysts, inorganic materials, metal materials and composite materials in various fields such as research and development, process optimization and quality control.


features as follows:

Product model: ZRT-B
Temperature range: room temperature -1450 degrees
Heating rate: 0.1~100, /min
Cooling rate: 0.1~40, /min
Temperature sensitivity: 0.1 DEG C
Thermal range: 1-200mg, replace support rod up to 5g
TG sensitivity: 0.1ug
Thermogravimetric accuracy: 1ug
Thermal noise: <1ug
Thermal differential range: 1-100mg/min
Auto zeroing range: 0 to 999mg
Vacuum: 2.66X10-2Pa
Atmosphere control: two way steady flow control, which can control all kinds of corrosion resistance atmosphere control system
Crucible: Standard alumina, 0.06ml or 0.12ml, aluminum crucible, copper crucible, platinum crucible, quartz crucible and graphite crucible
Constant temperature water bath (optional): temperature accuracy + 0.1
Constant temperature controller (optional): mass spectrum connection head, controller temperature range 0~400 centigrade
Output mode: brand computer, laser printer

Areas of application:

The complete machine integration, reasonable structure, stable mechanical properties
The furnace automatic lifting, simplify the operation
The high integration of the acquisition and control system, a high degree of automation
The vertical structure, top loading, convenient operation, not easy to damage, prevent the sample of furnace body.
The variety of heating furnace, applicable to more areas, user replaceable, simple and convenient
The computer signal acquisition, the software interface is friendly and suitable for win7, win8, win10
Is an excellent expansibility, and infrared analyzer (FTIR), mass spectrometry (MS), gas chromatography (GC) combined with

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